V-8 Antique tractors


1. All contestants enter class at their own risk. 

2. Tractors must be made in 1972 or older. 

3. Tractors will weigh 6,500 pounds. 

4. Frame must be stock, no extensions, must be stock wheel base. If modifications are made to the frame for safety during fabrication process, the modifications must be made of steel (no aluminum frame rails). Modifications are to be made only for safety and must be connected to the stock rear end/transmission housing. No extensions will be permitted. Must be stock wheel base. 

5. Front end may be homemade, but must retain stock wheel base. Must be wide front end. 

6. Tractor must be equipped with high back seat. 

7. Hood and grill must be in place with stock appearance as per manufacturer. 

8. Fuel tank must be in front of grill/radiator. 

9. Small block limit of 410 CID, big block limit of 505 CID. 

10. RPM Limits: Small block—6,000; Big block—6,000. 

11. Maximum of 8 cylinders, no turbo or diesels. Naturally aspirated, no turbines or supercharges. 

12. Gasoline only. 

13. All engines must have working air cleaner. 

14. Engine must be governed by MSD Rev Limiter, no extra plugs permitted at the chip location. Chip must be easily accessible for insertion of a club chip at the discretion of the officials. 

15. All engines must have plastic or electric cooling fans. 

16. A single carburetor with a limit of four barrels. No fuel injection. 

17. Must have cast iron block and cast iron heads. 

18. Spark plugs, engine block and harmonic balancer must be shielded. All dampers must be SFI or shielded. 

19. Must have a “dead man” throttle. If the throttle is released, throttle must immediately return to idle. Carburetor must be equipped with double return spring. 

20. Hand shifted torques can be used if OEM equipped. 

21. Tractor must have working reverse light. Light must be illuminated when tractor is in reverse. 

22. Tractor must have neutral start/safety switch. 

23. Auxiliary transmission allowed. No automatic transmissions. 

No differential locks. No Powershifts. T/A is permitted. 

24. Maximum tire size: 18.4 x 38, cut tires permitted. Radials are permitted.

25. All tractors must have a working kill switch. If tractor is equipped with electric fuel pump, kill switch must also kill power to the electric fuel pump. 

26. Maximum hitch height: 20 inches. 

27. Minimum of 18 inches from center of the rear axle to the hitch point. Hitch must have 3 ½ inch hole, 1 inch thickness of hitch plate with 1 inch material from hitch point to rear of plate. No clevis permitted. Drawbars shall be constructed so that in the event of drawbar breakage, the drawbar supports do not pull from a top link or brace above the centerline of the rear axle of the vehicle. Safety officials must be able to easily inspect the drawbar area of the competition vehicle. 

28. Safety bars to prevent the tractor from splitting required. 

29. Clutch and fly wheel must be shielded 360 degrees by ASFI approved bell housing. All drive shaft couplers or U joints must be shielded 360 degrees by no less than 1/4 inch steel. All competitors may be required at registration, to sign a transmission and clutch certificate waiver stating the competition vehicle meets all safety requirements. 

30. Fire extinguisher mandatory. 

31. Helmet required. Full fire suit required. Leather boots and gloves (leather or fireproof) required. 

32. Seatbelts and roll cage required (full roll cage  is highly recommended over a T-Bar rollover protection or T-bar rollover protection). 

33. All exhaust must exit vertically and be in the upright position. 

34. Wheelie/anti-tip bars required. Wheelie bars must not be more than 10” from ground. Pad must not be more than 10” off ground; pad must be a minimum of 5” x 5” square. Wheelie bars must support tractor in heaviest class pulled. 

35. Must have sled bumpers. 

36. Rear weights not to extend greater than 6 inches past the furthest point of the rear tire. Front weight cannot extend more than 12 feet from the center of the rear axle. 

37. Driver must be 18 years of age. 16 – 18 years old permitted with written permission of parent or guardian, and that parent must be present at the track at time of pull. Permission granted only at the discretion of track officials. 

38. All tractors subject to inspection at all times by officials. 

39. All rules to be interpreted by officials. Any unforeseen problems or oversights will be ruled on by officials on sight. All general and safety rules apply. All rulings will be final. Official’s reserve the right to allow or disallow a tractor to compete on the basis of any safety concern or infraction. 

40. Any driver arguing with a track official is subject to immediate disqualification. All decisions of the track official will be final at each pull. Any protests will be settled at next club meeting. 

41. All tractors must have fenders.