Performance Street 4x4


Northwest Performance Street 4x4 

1. Licensing 

          a. All vehicles must have a current license plate in place. PA licensed trucks must have a current inspection sticker. 

          b. Proof must be shown of ownership and insurance. 

2. Weight – 6500  lbs. 

          a. Weights are permitted within but not below frame rails and anywhere in the confines of the body with the exception of the cab. No weight inside cab. Weight must not be visible.

          b. No weight bars or hanging weights on front end. Weight bracket receivers will be permitted. 

          c. Factory front bumper only or no bumper.  Bumper must remain in factory position. 

          d. No snowplow brackets or snowplow receiver brackets. 

          e. Frame bracing: 

               i. No frame bracing will be permitted any farther forward than 12” behind the centerline of the front axle. 

               ii. Material will be limited to a maximum of 2” square steel box tubing. 

          f. Stock trucks competing in this class will be exempt from having snowplow brackets, brush guards, or any accessories up front at the discretion of the tech inspectors. 

3. Hitch

         a. Adjustable hitch, no less than 35% of wheelbase, stationary in all directions. 

b. Puller must supply his or her own clevis and pin and be ready to pull. 3 ½” I.D. minimum diameter on all hitches. 

c. 26” Maximum hitch height. 

4. Tires 

a. 35" x 12.50" maximum as stamped (or metric equivalent of 315/75). All tires must be DOT approved and carry a factory stamped DOT number on sidewall. 

b. No modifications to tires. 

c. No dual wheels, no split rims, studded tires, or chains. 

5. Engine 

a. Must be an OEM factory production vehicle engine that is/was available in mass production vehicles only. Engine must be same make as pick-up truck. No aftermarket performance application blocks or engines. 

b. 505 cubic inch maximum. 

c. Engine must remain in stock location or no farther forward than 12” from the rear of engine block to centerline of front axle. 

d. One (1) single four-barrel carburetor—dominator type (4500 series) carburetors allowed.

e. One (1) inch maximum spacer/ adaptor  plate under carburetor only; One piece aluminum intake – no modifications.

f. Heads oem – any oem cast iron with stock OEM valve placement and factory intake and exhaust ports on heads only. { example no ford heads with chevy exhaust ports }

g Wet sump oiling of OEM design. 

g Wet sump oiling of OEM design. 

h. Exhaust - Must be in place. Headers permitted. All exhaust must exit through a muffler and exit the body. 

i. Fuel – Gasoline only.  No alcohol, nitro, nitrous oxide or other oxygen accelerators. 

6. Truck 

a.  Vehicle must have a bed in place. Wooden flatbeds are permitted, but must have sides and fenders to cover rear wheels. 

b.  Truck cab and bed must match wheelbase of chassis. Extended wheelbase chassis (>134") with regular cabs will be permitted.

c. Glass - All windows must be in place. Windshield and driver’s side may not be smoked glass.

d. Transmission, transfer case, front & rear differentials must be OEM and available in one ton (or smaller) pickup truck. 

e. All Steering must run through OEM STEERING BOX.

7. Suspension

a. Stock style suspension must be in place. Stock style refers to the type of suspension that came from the manufacturer in the year/make/model/vintage of the vehicle being pulled.

b. No solid suspension. 

c. No blocked, welded, or any other non-stock style suspension modifications.

d. Rear suspension blocks are permitted. Rear blocks must be securely fastened with a minimum of one (1) inch clearance in all directions. Rear blocks are to have a maximum of three (3) inch contact area. One (1) rear block per side. No spools or welded front differentials. Truck must be able to be driven on and off the track without unlocking the hubs.

e. Spring clamping is permitted. Four (4) clamps per differential in addition to factory installed spring clamps. Maximum spring clamp width of 4 inches.

f. Two shocks per wheel are permitted. No solid shocks will be permitted. 

g. Suspension lifts are allowed. 

h.  Brakes - Must be in place and working order. 

i. Traction bars permitted.

8. Safety

a. If engine is not stock, blow-proof bell housing on trucks with standard shift transmission or blow proof blanket on automatic transmissions are required.

b. No cast iron flywheels allowed.

c. Drive shaft loops required (2 on rear and 1 on front) and shielding recommended. 

d. U-Joint shielding on rear u-joint is required.

e. Fire extinguisher in cab is required 

f. Seat belts are required.

g. Helmet is required. 

h. Kill switches are recommended.

i. All competitors may be required at registration to sign a transmission and clutch waiver stating the competition vehicle meets all safety requirements. 

j. All vehicles must have a physical barrier between passenger compartment and cargo compartment.

k All points trucks much have kill switches.

9. Other 

a. Northwest Performance Street Trucks are eligible to pull with the Northwest Limited Modified class. 

b. All safety rules must be followed. 

c. Any driver arguing with a track official is subject to immediate disqualification.