Light tough farm


1. Weight Classes: 7000, 8000, 

2. No jumping to Farm Stock Classes. 

3. All tractors must have stock appearing hood, grill, and fenders in place. Factory Wheel base must be retained. All tractors must have fenders. 

4. Tires- Contest is open to farm tractors with rubber tires. 

a. No cut tires, no tire studs, or chains permitted. 

b. Four wheel drive tractors are permitted if front wheels are disengaged. 

c. No dual wheels. All factory wheels must be in place. 

d. Maximum tire size of 18.4x38. 

5. Engine: 

a. 3000 rpm limit on all tractors. 

b. Diesel – 360 cubic inch limit. Tractor must be stock agricultural block or factory replacement. No visual modifications (i.e. intake manifolds, water injection, or modified injection lines, etc.) Must have factory manifolds. 

6. Turbo: Must match make and model of tractor or may be no larger than a box 3LM 466. The compressor housing will have a maximum of 2.3” inside diameter (I.D) of intake and 2.0” outside diameter outlet. The exhaust housing will be no larger than 360 with a maximum outlet of 2.8” I.D. 

a. Gas – Tractor must be stock agricultural block or factory replacement. Open cubc inh. No V-8 engines. Naturally aspirated with single up-draft carburetor. Gas engines with 360 ci or less can run a turbo no larger than a box 3LM 466. 

b. Injection Pump: 

i. OEM injection pump. Must burn fuel as factory equipped. Must be a rotary style pump. No P-pumps or A-Pumps permitted unless factory installed. Contestant must provide SOLID specifications on tractor entered. 

c. Heads – Must be OEM cast iron heads. No Aluminum Heads Permitted 

d. 5.9 Cummins engines considered to be factory replacement for Oliver and /or White tractors. Must be 12valve head and must have rotary style pumps. No A or P pump. 

e. 5.9 Cummins engines can be Installed and entered in other makes as long as a factory adapter plate and factory bell housing is in place. Must be 12 valve head and rotary style pumps. No A or P pump. 

f. All 5.9 Cummins must have safety blanket 360 degrees around bellhousing. 

7. Hydraulic Systems and PTO are not required.

8. All tractors must have fenders. 

9. Highly recommended equipment for 2014 pulling season : NOTE THIS EQUIPMENT WILL BE 


a. All tractors are highly recommended to have wheelie bars. 

b. All tractors are highly recommended to have safety blankets. 

c. All tractors are highly recommended to have a recall or playback tachometer for track officials to check RPM rates following pull. 

10. All tractors must be equipped with both rear brakes working. Use of torque converters, automatic shift, etc. is permitted. No industrial tractors or slipper clutches allowed. 

11. No foot cross over and no hand control of foot brakes permitted. 

12. Drawbar- Minimum drawbar length is 18” from the center of rear axle to point of hook up. Drawbar must be stationary in all directions. Maximum height is 20” from top of hitching device parallel to the ground. Any vertical clevis will be measured to center of loop. Must have 3 ½ inch hole and be at least 1” thick. No bracing above center of rear axle except for complete factory set-up. If above center it must be cradled.

13. Weight - All weights must be secured to the tractor. No weight may extend more than 24” beyond the forward most point of hood or front tires. No weights permitted on seat or deck. Any weights or external parts lost while hooked to the sled will be cause for disqualification of the pull. No weights to extend past the rear of the rear tire. 

14. All competitors must wear a helmet. 

15. All rules to be interpreted by officials. Any unforeseen problems or oversights will be ruled on by officials on sight. All general and safety rules apply. All rulings will be final. Officials reserve the right to allow or disallow a tractor to compete on the basis of any safety concern or infraction. 

16. Any driver arguing with a track official is subject to immediate disqualification. All decisions of the track official will be final at each pull. Any protests will be settled at next club meeting.