General rules



1. No consumption of alcoholic beverages in the track or pit area. Anyone believed to be a potential safety hazard will be barred. Failure to observe the rules will result in removal from the track or pit area with no refund of entry fee. 

2. All contestants must be sixteen (16) years old with written parental or guardian consent through the age of eighteen (18). Minimum twelve (12) years old for stock tractors. 

3. Officials have the right to re-weigh any tractor/truck and/or re-check the rpm limit anytime during or after the pull. 

4. The tractor/truck tires must remain within the boundaries of the contest course. If a vehicle is legal when hooked to the sled and breakage occurs under the green flag, the pull will be measured, with the exception of loss of weights or safety equipment. 

5. Contestants have seventy-five (75) feet to decide on change of gears (only one restart per hook). Restart is permitted in a pull-off. Each competitor has 3 minutes from the time of the sled is set, to hook to the sled and be prepared to pull. 

6. Driver must remain seated and have control of the tractor/truck at all times. Driver is to keep all body parts inside of vehicle at all times. No looking in mirrors. 

7. Tractor/truck must be stopped immediately on signal from track official. Pull is considered over when forward motion of load stops. No hole digging. 

8. All tractors/trucks must be in neutral or park while being hooked and unhooked. 

9. First puller in each class is the test puller and may take the pull if weight transfer is correctly set, or he may immediately take his second pull, or he may pull in sixth position. Sixth position is defined as the position immediately following the next five (5) scheduled competitors. 

a. When the sled needs adjustment, the first puller of the class has the option to come back and be the test puller. If he chooses not to be the test puller, he will pull in sixth position then the next puller has the option of being the test puller. 

b. All decisions on re-pulls must be made before the vehicle leaves the track. If the track official is not notified of the competitor’s intent to re-pull, then the competitor’s original pull will stand. 

10. Each contestant may spot the sled for their vehicle. Contestant/crew must move, or have moved, the cone at the starting line prior to the sled returning from completing the previous pull. The sled operator will return the center of the sled to the spot of the cone +/- the cones width. 

11. All contestants must pull in position drawn within three minutes of sled spotting or they will be disqualified. Track officials must be notified of any delay. Then contestant will be last puller in the class. 

12. All pulls must start with a tight hitch. No jerking. 

13. All vertical clevises/hitches will be measured to the center of the hole. Not to exceed the maximum height of 26” for trucks and 20” for tractors. 

14. Violation of any rule results in an automatic disqualification. Track officials reserve the right to stop and disqualify any tractor/truck not being operated in a safe manner. 

15. Any driver arguing with a track official or event personnel is subject to immediate disqualification. All decisions of the track officials will be final at each pull. Any protest will be settled at the next club meeting. 

16. Only one (1) registered driver per vehicle per class. 

17. No pre-registration. Vehicle must be on the grounds to be registered. 

18. No other entries will be taken after 1/2 of the class has pulled. 

19. Weighing procedures: Official weight of the competing vehicle shall be defined as being the weight of the vehicle, which must include driver of the vehicle, vehicle with oil, water, and fuel and be “ready to compete”. 

a.  All competing vehicles entered in a class must be officially weighed prior to the start of that class. 

b. No vehicle will be allowed past the scales that exceeds class weight. 

c. No adding fuel or weights unless re-weighing. 

d. Weighing out to be at the discretion of the track officials or tech inspectors. 

20. Weights - An area 5" wide and 12" high immediately above the drawbar must be free of all obstructions (including weights, wheelie bars, and second drawbar) for ease of hooking and unhooking. In all divisions at the hitching point, the hook point will be a 3 1/2" opening with 3 1/2" clear area from front of the hole to the rear of the drawbar. 

21. All contestants must wear helmets minimum of D.O.T. approved in all classes. 

22. Tractors for the 2017 season must have a minimum of a factory R.O.P.S system capable of supporting the tractor at its heaviest weight class. 

23. No riders in or on any vehicles while in the pit area or track to include tow vehicles and competing vehicles. When the pulling vehicle’s motor is running the driver must be in the driver’s seat, NO EXCEPTIONS! 

24. Protest Procedure: 

a. Protest form must be filled out and turned into a Board Member with a fee of $500.00 CASH before the actual tear down. The protest fee will go to the competitor if found legal. Forms available at registration. 

b. Any vehicle that is protested and found illegal, or is refused tear down by the competitor, CANNOT compete in any class for a period of one (1) year and one (1) pull. 

c. Inspection (tear down) will be done by whatever procedure deemed necessary by the Competition Director, Truck or Tractor rep to the Board (respectively), and/or Board Members. 

d. The tear down will be done in some kind of protected environment. Only designated tech officials and owner or owner’s helper(s) are permitted near the vehicle. 

e. If the vehicle is found to be legal, the club will try to help the person get home if a street driven vehicle. 

f. Protest procedures apply to all classes. 

24. Northwest PA Truck and Tractor Pullers Association reserves the right to have track officials, tech inspectors, or designated personnel inspect and determine the legality of any vehicle or vehicles. 

a. Inspection will be done at the discretion of the track officials or tech inspectors. 

b. Inspection will be visual, and at the discretion of the track officials or tech inspectors, can include, but not limited to, the use of a cubic inch pump. If a cubic inch pump is used, a minimum of the top three (3) vehicles in a class will be pumped or a minimum of three (3) vehicles will be used if chosen for pumping by random luck of the draw. Pumping will allow a 1% overage without tear down, tear down will refer to cubic inch limit per class rules. 

c. Fuel sampling can be done in the same way as the use of the cubic inch pump in rule 24b. 

d. If any vehicle is found to be illegal after a pull by officials or tech inspectors, this vehicle and driver will be disciplined by Northwest Pullers Association to include loss of points and prize money from the event, and may be suspended by the Northwest officials for one (1) year and one (1) pull after a review by the executive board. 

26. All competitors agree upon entry into a pull, to be bound by all Northwest PA Truck and Tractor Pullers Association Inc. rules. 

27. Exhibition Pulls: All exhibition pulls must be approved by event personnel and promoter. If safety is a factor, vehicle will not be allowed to pull. 

28. There will be one vote per competing vehicle on the rules for that class. Revisions/changes will be discussed and agreed upon by the class prior to the November Rules meeting. The 2 class policing representatives will take the revisions/changes to the Executive Board prior to the November Rules meeting. If the Executive Board has no objections then the revisions/changes will be voted upon at the next meeting by the class members—one vote per competing vehicle. 

29. The policing of a class will be conducted by two representatives from each class. One representative will be appointed by the members of the class. The second representative will be appointed by the Executive Board. If no resolution can be reached by the two representatives, they will take the matter to the Competition Director. If the Competition Director cannot resolve the matter then the matter will be taken to the Truck/Tractor Representatives to the Board. If there is still no resolution, the Executive Board will be consulted for final resolution. 


PLACE---POINTS 1st-----30 2nd----28 3rd----26 4th----24 5th----22 6th----20 7th----18 8th----16 9th----14 10th---12 11th---10 12th---8 13th---6 14th---4 15th to 30th---2 

*For a vehicle to collect points, the driver must be a competing member by the May membership meeting prior to the start of the season. This applies to ALL classes. 

*Points members must have a mandatory kill switch. 

*If you are disqualified on the track or out of bounds (while in the seat) puller will receive last place points and purse. If you are disqualified off the track, you will not receive last place points or purse.

*ALL POWER CLASS COMPETITORS MUST BE MEMBERS. Only classes with county limits are not required to have competing membership. 


a. Performance Street 4x4 Trucks  b. Limited Modified Trucks c. Super Stock Trucks d. Work Stock Diesel Trucks e. 2.6 Diesel Trucks f. Tuff Farm Tractors g. V-8 Antique Tractors h. Single Engine Modified Tractors i. Hot Farm Tractors 


a. Pure Street Gas Trucks b. Pure Street Diesel Trucks c. Farm Stock Tractors d. Pure Street Semis 

TIE BREAKER: In the event of a tie in points, the competitor with the most wins will be the points champion. If there is still a tie, tiebreaker will go most seconds, then thirds, etc. until all ties are broken and places can be set. 

*Stock vehicles that compete two (2) or more times in a class MUST have a competing membership. If you wish to compete the third (3rd) time, then a competing membership must be purchased to compete. Classes with county limitations are not required to have a competing membership. 

Rainout/Cancellation Rules and Points 

a. Rainout i. An event will be considered a "Rainout" if it is not cancelled within 3 or more hours prior to posted start time, unless otherwise posted. ii. An event will be considered completed if at least 50% of the classes have run. iii. A class will be considered a "Rainout" if it is stopped before all registered vehicles in that class had an opportunity to pull or class did not start. b. Cancellation i. An event will be classified as "Cancelled" if the event is cancelled 3 or more hours prior to posted start time, unless otherwise posted. c. Rainout Points and Cancellations i. 30 points will be awarded to registered competitors whose class is considered a "rainout". ii. Registration will remain open up to 30 minutes after the scheduled start time of the pull. No registrations will be taken after that time, unless you are standing in line at the registration trailer. iii. If 2/3 or more of a class is completed and then rained out, the class purse will be divided evenly among registered competitors in that class. iv. No points will be awarded for cancelled events. 

Therefore, if there is inclement weather, it is your responsibility to make sure you and your pulling vehicle are on the grounds and registered before the scheduled start time of the pull. 

No phone calls will be taken after the cancellation time frame is closed. The only exception is that an attempt will be made to contact any non-puller workers scheduled to work the pull. 

If the pull has been cancelled, not rained out, every effort will be made to inform Board members and class representatives and post the message on the website and social media. 

Nobody speaking on behalf of the Club can verbally change the terms of the Rules, unless it is through Board action. 

*2017 changes are in blue